PUBG Mobile Lite Released for Low-End Android Smartphones | Download Apk Free |

PUBG Corp. has released a lighter version of PUBG Mobile called PUBG Mobile Lite, which is optimized for budget smartphones. PUBG Mobile Lite has only been launched in the Philippines, and there is official information regarding its wider availability.

PUBG Mobile Lite claims to offer the same thrilling gameplay experience on low-end smartphones as PUBG Mobile. However, there are a few differences, such as smaller 2 x 2 km maps and absence of arcade mode.

Moreover, the number of players in a battle royale has been reduced to 40 and the time of a classic match has been toned down to roughly 10 minutes. You can download PUBG Mobile Lite from the Play Store and its APK here.

As PUBG Mobile Lite is now available but not here in india so we found the APK file of the PUBG Mobile Lite App and you can download it form here and it works pretty fine below 3GB RAM smartphones also with low graphics.

Click Below Image To Download:

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