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No need to pay money to Google Console:

Hi this is irshad and i am a Android App developer and i have few Apps in Play-Store and now i have planned to do some thing new. I know you are there some app developer and who don't want to pay money to Google Console then here are the solution for it.As i have paid the Google Developer Console payment and now i thought that i would be good to take your App and upload it to Google Play store for free.Well you thinking i am stealing yours days of work but i am not ill just upload it to play-store for free.If i thought you App have very good feature and then. I am going to give your Gmail as one of the admin 
  • Take you App APK and also (App icon, Banner/Video, App Descriptions, Screenshots) and send it to your Drive and copy the shareable link
  • Go to this Link  Application link  and fill the Application
  • Then check the terms and conditions once and again 
  • Or Download our Android App and submit your Application Link To Download App

If  you want to us Admob in your app you can put your admob id in as the time your making app or if you made your app in any third party websites you add your admob through the Google you need to mail me and ill make you an Admin for a day and you can do it there.

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