Samsung Galaxy S9:

Samsung Galaxy S9 leaks are every where and here we bring every thing you need to know about Samsung Galaxy S9. First leak come from the ice universe (@Universelce)  a twitter account  brings that Samsung S9 is not all bezel-less phone how ever it has least size of bezels. First it comes to know that it has almost no bezels and finely a image gets leaked that shows how it is actually.

After that leak ice universe (@Universelce)  a twitter account comes with an other image says Disappointed, the S9 on the left did not pass the test and was killed, on the right is the real s9, which is almost the same as S8 with minimum bezels to hold and use with comport also seems like Samsung don't want to take any chances.

And then Geekbench screen shot leaked and show how powerful was the phone is actually.
It was way better then the samsung's note 8  and all other smartphone all in market right 2017. it must be comes out on the Jan-2018. That it would be expected, at CES 2018. They might not officially launched until March, at a completely a separate event by samsung.

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